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Ecare Upskill's online Software Testing course is your pathway to becoming a proficient quality assurance professional. Master essential testing techniques, automation tools, and best practices to ensure software reliability. Unlock a world of career opportunities with our hands-on training and industry-relevant curriculum.

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    software testing online course

    2 weeks

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    What you'll learn in Our Online Software Testing Course ?

    • Basic Concepts of Software Testing.
    • Test Case & Bug Report Writing.
    • Black-Box Test Techniques.
    • Basics of Agile Methodologies & Agile Testing.
    • White-Box Test Techniques.
    • API Testing using Postman.

    Course Content

    • Providing a brief overview of key testing terminologies
    • Defining unit testing and its importance
    • Practical demonstration of unit testing
    • Explaining smoke testing and its role
    • Practical implementation of smoke testing
    • The process of crafting test cases
    • Ensuring comprehensive test coverage
    • Documenting test cases, plans, and results
    • Creating structured testing documentation
    • Understanding the functionality of the software project
    • Identifying areas for testing
    • Defining test scenarios for specific scenarios
    • Structuring test cases around real-world use cases
    • Crafting test plans to guide the testing process
    • Crafting test plans to guide the testing process
    • Conducting sanity tests to ensure software stability
    • Verifying critical functionalities
    • Understanding regression testing and its importance
    • Ensuring that new changes don't break existing functionality
    • Exploring integration testing for component interactions
    • Validating interactions between integrated modules
    • Introduction to manual testing
    • Performing tests manually without automated tools
    • Concept and principles of black box testing
    • Testing based on inputs and expected outputs
    • Understanding white box testing and its objectives
    • Testing internal code structures and logic
    • Bridging black and white box testing with gray box testing
    • Partial knowledge of internal workings
    • Focusing on testing mobile applications
    • Adapting testing for mobile platforms
    • Identifying and resolving critical application crashing issues
    • Ensuring software stability
    • Evaluating the user interface and user experience
    • Ensuring the application's visual and functional appeal
    Analytical skills Communication skills Defect management Documentation skills Quality assurance processes Technical skills Test automation Test planning and design

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    Meet your Expert Trainer

    Hi, I'm

    Sharad Sahoo


    I am the CTO at Ecare Upskill, and I bring a wealth of experience in the field of software testing. My expertise spans manual and automated testing, test case design, and test management. I take the lead in ensuring the highest quality standards for software products, while addressing a broad spectrum of client requirements. As your mentor, I'm dedicated to guiding you through your journey of professional and technical development. Let's embark on the next chapter of your career with our comprehensive software testing course.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Software testing is a process of evaluating and verifying that a software application or system functions correctly. It is crucial because it helps identify and rectify defects, ensuring that the software meets quality and performance standards.

    No, you don't necessarily need prior programming knowledge. Ecare Upskill's software testing courses are designed for beginners and cover the fundamentals of testing, making them accessible to individuals from various backgrounds.

    Software testing courses typically cover test planning, test case design, manual testing, defect tracking, test management tools, and best practices for quality assurance.

    Online software testing courses offer support through discussion forums and chats. Instructors or mentors are available to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer assistance.

    Our software testing courses provide certificates of completion.

    Progress is typically assessed through quizzes, assignments, practical testing exercises, and the creation of test cases. Instructors and peers provide feedback to help you improve your testing skills.

    - Beginners looking to learn the fundamentals - Quality Assurance (QA) professionals - Software developers interested in testing - Test managers and team leads - IT professionals from diverse roles - Career changers entering software testing - Students in computer science or related fields - Anyone interested in ensuring software quality

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