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Refine your design prowess with our Adobe InDesign online course. Join eCare Upskill for comprehensive InDesign training and unlock your creativity. Elevate your design projects to the next level. Enroll today!

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Adobe InDesign online Course_

2 weeks

Live sessions


No Pre-recorded lecture

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Manage pages
  • Text tutorial
  • Linking images, crop and edit
  • Custom frame
  • Text wrap
  • Strokes
  • Transparency
  • Gradient and effects
  • All about styles
  • How to join a line or break a path
  • How to make QR code
  • Change mm to inches and UK to us dictionary
  • Bleed and slug
  • How to create RGB and CMYK colors
  • How to color the background of the page
  • Importing, resizing, and flipping the image
  • How to import text from MS Word to InDesign
  • Group, ungroup and rotate images
  • How to make dotted lines, dash lines, and borders
  • How to save files and export jpeg/png/pdf
  • Cc libraries
  • How to replace image in InDesign
  • How to make pie chart in InDesign
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Meet your Expert Trainer

Hi, I'm

Neel Parmar


Hi, I'm Neel Parmar, an experienced graphic designer passionate about creating visually stunning designs that capture the essence of a brand. With my expertise in design, technology, and creativity, I can craft high-quality designs that meet client needs and stand out from the competition. Let's embark on an exciting journey into the world of graphic design together, whether you're just starting or looking to expand your skill set.


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After the course, you'll earn a 'Certificate of Completion' to enhance your professional profile, demonstrate dedication to skill improvement, and expand career opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe InDesign is a professional desktop publishing software used for creating visually appealing documents, such as brochures, magazines, and books. This course is ideal for beginners and design enthusiasts who want to learn the fundamentals of layout and print design. By taking this online course, you'll gain essential skills for designing and formatting beautiful publications.

Our Adobe InDesign course is designed for a diverse audience, including beginners, graphic designers, marketers, writers, and anyone interested in creating and designing documents. Whether you're new to InDesign or looking to enhance your design skills, this course is for you.

Our course covers a wide range of Adobe InDesign topics, including document setup, layout and formatting, working with text and images, creating tables, using styles, and preparing documents for print or digital distribution. You'll master the art of page design and publication creation.

No prior experience is required. This course is designed for beginners and provides step-by-step guidance to ensure you understand and master Adobe InDesign.

The course provides both group-based online instruction and one-on-one online training with instructors. Students typically need two weeks to finish all of the modules.

This course is not free, but it offers excellent value for the skills you'll gain. For current pricing details, please refer our course enrollment page.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of achievement. This certificate is a valuable addition to your design and publishing portfolio.

We are committed to keeping our course content up-to-date with the latest Adobe InDesign features and industry best practices. Regular updates ensure you have access to current publishing and design knowledge.

Yes, we provide support through discussion forums, email, and occasional live Q&A sessions with our experienced instructors. We're here to assist you with any questions or design challenges you encounter during the course.

Absolutely! Our course materials are accessible on various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This flexibility allows you to learn from wherever you find most convenient.

While our course equips you with the knowledge and skills, your success in design depends on your dedication, creativity, and the projects you work on. We provide the knowledge; your success is your design journey.

Enrolling is simple. Just visit our website, follow the enrollment instructions, and start your journey to becoming a proficient Adobe InDesign user and document designer.

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