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Combine the power of React.js and Node.js to build modern, scalable web applications. Learn to create dynamic user interfaces with React.js and build the server-side logic with Node.js. Master the full-stack development with our online React.js + Node.js course.

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react and node js online course

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Course Content

  • What is ReactJS?
  • Advantages of ReactJS
  • Workflow of ReactJS
  • Scope of ReactJS
  • Introduction of Virtual DOM
  • Difference between JS and JSX
  • React Components overview
  • Containers and components
  • What are Child Components?
  • What are Namespace components?
  • What are the JavaScript expressions available in JSX?
  • Node setup
  • How to use NPM?
  • How to create package.json and its purpose?
  • ES6 Introduction and features
  • Webpack Overview
  • Best IDE for React
  • How to write optimized code in ReactJS?
  • React JS browser plugins overview
  • Create a React component with JSX template
  • How to create Nested Components?
  • What is ReactJS render?
  • React Props overview
  • Introduction of Props validation with data types.
  • Flow of States, Initialize states, and update states
  • Lists of Form components
  • Setup Controlled and Uncontrolled form components
  • Control Input elements
  • How to set default values on all formats of Input elements?
  • React JS Form validations
  • How to write Styles?
  • Animations overview
  • Initial Render
  • Props Change
  • Stage Change
  • Component willMount
  • Component didMount
  • Component Unmount
  • Overview of Single Page Application
  • How to configure React Router?
  • History of Router
  • How to Handle Conditional statement in JSX?
  • IIFE in JSX for a complex logic overview
  • onBlur, onKeyUp, onChange, and other events in ReactJS
  • Sharing events between the components
  • CSS and inline styles in React JS overview.
  • Introduction to styled-components
  • How to Load the router library?
  • Configure the React Router?
  • How to Pass and receive parameters?
  • Integration of React cookie
  • What is Flux Architecture?
  • What are the Flux Components available?
  • Stores
  • Dispatchers
  • View Controllers
  • Actions
  • Views
  • How does Flux work?
  • How does Flux and React work together?
  • Introduction to One Store
  • Provider Component
  • Actions
  • Reducers
  • sagas
  • Dispatchers
  • View Controllers
  • Selector
  • What are the necessary Tools required for Unit Testing?
  • React Unit Testing overview
  • Introduction to JEST
  • How to Test React Component?
  • How to Test React Router?
  • What is Node.js?
  • Features of Node.js
  • Who Uses Node.js?
  • Concepts
  • Where to Use Node.js?
  • Where Not to Use Node.js?
  • Try it Option Online
  • Local Environment Setup
  • Text Editor
  • The Node.js Runtime
  • Download Node.js Archive
  • Installation on UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X and SunOS
  • Installation on Windows
  • Verify Installation: Executing a File
  • Creating Node.js Application
  • Online REPL Terminal
  • REPL Commands
  • Stopping REPL
  • Installing Modules using NPM
  • Global vs Local Installation
  • Using package.json
  • Attributes of Package.json
  • Uninstalling a Module
  • Updating a Module
  • Search a Module
  • Create a Module
  • What is Callback?
  • Blocking Code Example
  • Non-Blocking Code Example
  • Event-Driven Programming
  • Example
  • How do Node Applications work?
  • Event Emitter Class
  • Methods
  • Class Methods
  • Events
  • Example
  • Creating Buffers
  • Writing to Buffers
  • Reading from Buffers
  • Convert Buffer to JSON
  • Concatenate Buffers
  • Compare Buffers
  • Copy Buffer
  • Slice Buffer
  • Buffer Length
  • Methods Reference
  • Class Methods
  • What are Streams?
  • Reading from a Stream
  • Writing to a Stream
  • Piping the Streams
  • Chaining the Streams
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • Open a File
  • Get File Information
  • Writing a File
  • Reading a File
  • Closing a File
  • Truncate a File
  • Delete a File
  • Create a Directory
  • Read a Directory
  • Remove a Directory
  • Methods Reference
  • __filename
  • __dirname
  • setTimeout(cb, ms)
  • clearTimeout (t)
  • setInterval(cb, ms)
  • Global Objects
  • Console Object
  • Process Object
  • OS Module
  • Path Module
  • Net Module
  • DNS Module
  • Domain Module
  • What is a Web Server?
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Creating a Web Server using Node
  • Make a request to Node.js server
  • Creating a Web client using Node
Flux Git HTML + CSS JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6 JSX Node + npm Reactjs Redux REPL

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Frequently Asked Questions

React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, while Node.js is a runtime environment for executing JavaScript on the server side. They are commonly used together to create full-stack applications. React.js handles the front-end user interface, while Node.js powers the back-end server, making them a powerful combination for building web applications.

Yes, a fundamental understanding of JavaScript is essential for a React.js and Node.js course, as they both rely on JavaScript for development. Prior knowledge of web development concepts is also beneficial.

A comprehensive course covering React.js and Node.js typically includes topics such as creating and managing React components, building RESTful APIs with Node.js, integrating React with Node.js, handling data flow, user authentication, and real-time features with WebSockets.

Ecare Upskill's React.js and Node.js online courses offer certificates of completion. These certificates validate your skills in building full-stack applications and can be a valuable addition to your resume.

Web Developers: Those looking to enhance their skills in full-stack web development. Programmers: Individuals with a programming background eager to expand their knowledge. JavaScript Enthusiasts: People passionate about JavaScript and its application in web development. Aspiring Full-Stack Developers: Those aiming to master both front-end and back-end development. Students: Those pursuing computer science or web development-related degrees. Career Changers: Individuals seeking a career transition into web development. Existing Developers: Developers already familiar with one of the technologies looking to become full-stack developers. Tech Enthusiasts: Anyone with a strong interest in web development and dynamic applications.

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