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Learn Social Media to increase sales and drive website traffic organically


The most valuable social media marketing online course will help you reach your full potential. Learn about the constantly changing field of digital marketing, and your success will soar to new heights. Enrol right away to start your path to mastering social media marketing!

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    social media online course

    2 weeks

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    What you'll learn in Our Social Media Marketing Online Course ?

    • Understand everything about Social Media Marketing!
    • Create highly optimized and high-quality paid ads on all Social Media platforms.
    • Learn Instagram Marketing A-Z and how to monetize the social platform.
    • Learn Twitter Marketing strategies for LASER-focused ads.
    • MASTER YouTube marketing, including layout, content creation, and video ads!
    • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn ads to grow your business.
    • Learn the power of Pinterest-promoted pins and ALL the Pinterest Marketing strategies we implement for our clients!.
    • Become a Facebook Ads Expert!.
    • Learn how to create engaging and effective social media content, including images, videos, and text-based posts.
    • Learn about the latest social media marketing trends and tools, and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

    Course Content

    • Introduction to SMM (Paid vs Organic)
    • Introduction to different SM platforms
    • How to create accounts on different SM handles
    • Bio, Profile, Highlights, grid etc
    • how to create reels & stories (use of instagram reel features)
    • Connect FB to Instagram
    • Uploads on different SM
    • Insights overview
    • Impression
    • Accounts reached
    • Accounts engaged
    • Contnet Calendar
    • Findout niche for content
    • How to stay updated with trends
    • Meme Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Identify Competitors
    • Analys competitors Strategy
    • SWOT anaysis
    • YT shorts
    • Keyword research on YouTube
    • How to contact supports
    • Introduction to Paid Ads
    • Influencer research
    • How to contact
    • Deal and contract
    • Creating Campaign
    • Ad Formats
    • Audience Targeting
    • Ad Placement
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Performance Analytics
    • Social Media Campaign Budget
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Performance Metrics
    • Audience Insights
    • Customize Reporting
    Advertising & Marketing automation Analytics and Reporting Branding and messaging Community management & Networking Content creation and curation Creative thinking Customer insights Excellent communication skills Influencer marketing & collaboration Strategic &Creative thinking and planning

    Trending Digital Marketing Courses With Certificate in 2023

    At eCare Upskill, we provide high-quality courses covering a diverse range of subjects and interests such as programming, digital marketing, business management, design, and many more.

    Meet your Expert Trainer

    Hi, I'm

    Vinay Jadav


    Hi, I'm Vinay Jadav, an accomplished professional in social media marketing. As a teacher at eCare Upskill, I'll be sharing my expertise to help you reach your full potential in this ever-evolving field. Let's take your social media marketing skills to the next level together through engaging content, data-driven insights, and strategic partnerships. Join me and get ready to be inspired and empowered!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Social media marketing is the practice of using social media platforms to promote products, services, or ideas. It's essential for businesses and individuals because it offers a cost-effective way to reach and engage with a wide audience, build brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads or sales.

    No, prior marketing experience is not required. Ecare Upskill's social media marketing online courses are designed for beginners and cover the fundamentals of social media marketing.

    Social media marketing courses typically cover content creation, platform selection, audience targeting, advertising, analytics, and social media strategy. Advanced topics delve into influencer marketing, social media advertising, and crisis management.

    Our social media marketing online courses offer certificates of completion. These certificates validate your skills and knowledge in social media marketing, which can be beneficial for career advancement or freelance work.

    Our online social media marketing courses provide support through discussion forums and chats, where you can ask questions and seek assistance.

    No, prerequisites needed.

    Yes, the skills and knowledge gained from a social media marketing course can often be applied to various social media platforms. The principles of effective marketing, content creation, and audience engagement are transferable skills that can be adapted to different platforms.

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