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Date : 1st April 2024

Batch : 11AM, 6PM

Price ₹6,000 ₹49

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php online course

2 weeks

Live sessions


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Course Content

  • Basics of websites and web development
  • Introduction to dynamic websites
  • Getting starting with PHP programming
  • Understanding scope of PHP language
  • XAMPP and WAMP installation
  • Syntax of PHP
  • Embedding PHP in HTML
  • Embedding HTML in PHP
  • Understanding PHP Variables
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Learning how to use Operators
  • Writing Statements and Comments
  • Using Conditional Statements
  • If(), else if() and else if condition statement
  • Switch() Statements
  • Using the while() Loop
  • Using the for() Loop
  • Introduction to PHP Functions
  • Creating Arrays
  • Modifying Array Elements
  • Processing Arrays with Loops
  • Grouping Form selections with Arrays
  • Using Array Functions
  • Using Pre-Defined PHP Functions
  • Creating User-Defined Functions
  • Reading and writing files
  • Reading data from a file
  • Managing Sessions and using Session Variables
  • Creating a Session & registering Session Variables
  • Destroying a Session
  • Storing data in cookies
  • Setting cookies
  • Dealing with Date and Time
  • Executing external programs
  • What is database?
  • What is MySQL?
  • Database Queries
  • Basics of MySQL
  • Creating MySQL Database
  • Creating database tables
  • Choosing the most appropriate Data Type
  • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
  • Selecting a Table Type
  • Understanding Database Normalization
  • Altering Table and Field Names
  • Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
  • Dropping Databases and Table Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information
  • Inserting Records
  • Editing and deleting Records
  • Performing Queries
  • Retrieving Specific Columns
  • Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
  • Using Operators
  • Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
  • Limiting results using built-in Functions
  • Grouping Records Joining Tables
  • Using Table and Column aliases
  • Managing database connections
  • Processing result sets
  • Queries that return data
  • Queries that alter data
  • Handling errors
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables, operators, loops
  • Using objects and events
  • Common JavaScript functions
  • JavaScript validations
  • Project Discussion
  • Requirements and analysis of the project
  • Project code execution
  • Project testing
Agile software development CSS Debugging and troubleshooting HTML JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) PHP frameworks and libraries PHP programming language Problem-solving and analytical skills Relational databases and SQL Server-side scripting Version control systems (e.g. Git) Web development concepts web server administration Writing efficient and secure code

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I am the CTO at Ecare Upskill with extensive experience in PHP, Python, React, and NodeJS. I lead the development of cutting-edge software solutions that meet diverse client needs. As your mentor, I'll support you throughout your journey, offering guidance to help you grow professionally and technically. Let's take the next step in your career together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a widely-used scripting language for web development. Learning PHP is valuable because it enables you to create dynamic websites and web applications, making you a proficient web developer.

Prior programming experience is beneficial but not mandatory. Ecare Upkill's online PHP course are designed to accommodate beginners, covering the fundamental concepts and gradually advancing your knowledge.

Yes, online PHP courses cater to a range of skill levels, from beginners to intermediates and even advanced developers. You can choose a course that aligns with your current expertise.

PHP courses commonly include instruction on PHP syntax, variables, data types, functions, database integration (e.g., MySQL), and the development of web applications.

Our PHP courses at eCare Upskill offer both batch-wise training and personalized training. You have the flexibility to choose the learning format that suits you. In batch-wise training, we provide suggested schedules for your convenience, and in personalized training, trainer teaches you personally in aloted time.

To participate in a PHP online course, you will require a code editor for writing PHP code. Popular options include Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, and PhpMyAdmin. Additionally, access to a web server or a local development environment is necessary for practical exercises.

Online PHP courses often offer communication channels such as forums, chat support, or email support for students to seek assistance and clarification. You can also asked questions to mentors in live online sessions.

Yes, Ecare Upskill's online PHP courses issue certificates of completion upon successfully finishing the course. These certificates are recognized and can enhance your professional profile, serving as evidence of your PHP skills to potential employers.

Assessment methods in PHP online courses often include quizzes, assignments and practical exercises. Constructive feedback is typically provided to help you gauge your understanding and refine your skills.

The reputation of PHP online courses can differ based on the course provider. It is advisable to seek courses from reputable institutions or organizations like Ecare Upskill. Our PHP courses are well-recognized within the industry and can significantly bolster your career prospects as a PHP developer.

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